Are you a singer, a fan of spoken word, a comedian, a dancer or have some other great talent you would like to share with your fellow Grizzlies? Spotlight your talents during the Grizzlyfest Open Mic Night on October 16 at 7:00 p.m.! 

This event will be hosted on Zoom. We will contact you via the email you provide by October 15 to share your performance time in the lineup. Registration to perform closes on Wednesday, October 14.

Grizzlyfest Open Mic Night Rules and Regulations:

  • Please keep all material G/PG friendly, this is a family-oriented event so no foul/profane language or gestures allowed on and off "stage" (this includes on written signs or clothing)
  • No dangerous stunts or acts are allowed
  • No political, racial, sexual, hate language or religious statements will be permitted
  • If your performance in any way is offensive or dangerous, your mic and camera will be shut-off and you will be removed from the Zoom meeting.
  • Performances must be under 10 mins in length
  • This is an unpaid performance and we are unable to sign any contracts or fulfill any riders
  • By registering to perform you also give permission to GGC to promote your act, using your name and performance information
  • Remember the most important rule: have fun! We welcome all Grizzly talent, so don’t be shy!